Highland Two-Handed Claymore

A quality reproduction of the Highland style two handed claymore. These greatswords were of a unique indigenous form as used by Highland swordsmen to great effect against the rank and file of British Army regiments on many a battlefield across Scotland during the 17th and 18th centuries. These swords were handed down for successive generations and regarded as symbolic of a rare warrior culture.
Two handed swords were also used by Highland clansmen to settle occasional disputes by way of single combat.

A large and impressive sword with a lovely weight and balance overall. We offer two versions of the Claymore, the wheel pommel which was in use from the 16th century onwards and the ball pommel, which was in use from the 17th century onwards.
We can also offer custom blade etchings. For such a piece representing family heritage and spirit, traditional Clan crests are perfectly fitting with this type of sword.

Specifications -

  • Overall length - 55 1/2" (140.97cm)
  • Blade length - 40 1/2" (102.87cm)
  • Grip length - 12" (30.48cm)
  • Quillion length - 11" (27.94cm)
  • Point of Balance - 3" (7.62) from cross
  • Weight - 5 1/8lbs (2.35kg)

Claymore 2 Claymore 3 Claymore 4
Longsword Longsword Detail Longsword Detail