A graceful new product from Macdonald Armouries. Handcrafted 16th century style Dusacks made in either solid oak or ash wood shaped in two distinct blade styles as researched from contemporary fencing treatises. These may be ordered in plain wood or finished in a black gloss overall and embellished with complementary scrollwork detail in gold on both sides of the grip faces, also running along the knucklebow and for the full length of the spine. A unique and distinctly stylish addition to any armoury or weapon collection.

Standard dimensions are 27" long by 3 1/8" to 3 1/2" wide (depending upon model) by 3/4" thick. Dimensions can be tailored according to personal preference if required. Custom lettering or scrollwork is also offered.

Cost: £60 per dusack, excluding postage.

Dusacks Dusacks Dusacks

Models available:

Dusack Meyer The Meyer
Reproduced from the unique dusacks as depicted in detail in German fencing master Joachim Meyers` treatise from 1570, this model has a raised thumb support to assist grip and strength of cutting actions. Also features a short clipped back edge, arriving at a point where it meets the true edge (point is rounded and "edges" are approx. 3/8" thick for contact use)
Dusack Sutor The Sutor
A finely proportioned reproduction of the dusacks as illustrated in Jacob Sutor's treatise and similar contemporary dusack illustrations from the C16th. Slightly wider than the Meyer version and with a more distinct blade curvature overall.