The Fairbairn Cobra

During the 1950's, Fairbairn designed a new and unique knife, known as the Cobra. This is of a similar size to the wartime smatchet, but handles more like a Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knife, making it an effective close combat weapon. This piece is reproduced from the only known photograph of two original examples and is exacting in all details, proportion and form.

When I first approached this knife towards study, it was apparent that much doubt existed over authenticity. I was obliged to follow all relevant threads of known information in order to confirm existence of the Cobra. One detail known was that it was taught to Cyprus Riot Police in the 1950's.

I eventually had the honour to be in direct contact with a Fairbairn-trained veteran of the Cyprus Riot Police from that time, who was happy to authenticate the existence of this unique knife.

He stated " For my part, I was a Special in the Famagusta Division of the Cyprus Police, in 1956, occupying myself with running the Control room, diving to clear explosives outside the harbour and being a general dogsbody, taking photographs and acting as the courier, for our CID, taking recovered bullets, cartridge cases and sundry weapons, recovered from EOKA to the Ballistics Lab in Nicosia, where I received good grounding in their arcane science.
I also saw the rather majestic figure of Fairbairn, who was known to me, by reputation, from my interest in the exploits of the Commandos & SOE.
For most of the time I carried a P. 08 and when I heard that W.E.F. was going to hold a one day course in Famagusta, I volunteered, with alacrity. During a break, Fairbairn produced a knife, almost Arab in shape, which he said was a new design for a fighting knife, particularly suited to riot control. I probably had it in my sweaty paws for a couple of minutes - unhappily I never carried one or saw one again."

The leather scabbard allows the knife to be worn according to Fairbairn's recommendations, canted at an angle on the left hip with the grip in a convenient position to draw, and is suitable for carrying on any belt up to 2" wide.

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Cobra 1
Available now at £250.

Cobra Knife Specifications :

  • Overall Length 14 3/4 inches (375mm)
  • Blade Length 10 inches (254mm)
  • Fullered single edged blade 1/4" at thickest.
  • Cross chequered oak grip.
  • Weight 3/4 lb (340g)
Cobra 2 Cobra 3 Cobra 4