The Fairbairn Smatchet

Another combative blade classic, designed by William Fairbairn at Inverailort House during WW2. The smatchet was designed to serve as an effective close combat weapon, with a broad but remarkably thin blade which provides excellent cutting ability.

Smatchet During WW2, this weapon went into action in the hands of British and American special forces such as the Commandos, SOE (Special Operations Executive) and OSS (Office of Strategic Services).

Fairbairn stated about the smatchet:

The psychological reaction of any man, when he first takes the smatchet in his hand is full justification for its recommendation as a fighting weapon. He will immediately register all the essential qualities of a good soldier - confidence, determination, and aggressiveness. Its balance, weight and killing power, with the point, edge or pommel, combined with the extremely simple training necessary to become efficient in its use, make it the ideal personal weapon for all those not armed with a rifle and bayonet.

Our version accurately replicates the original British version, with satin finish blade, nickel plated steel guard, cast pommel and red mahogany grip scales secured with aluminium pins. This piece is completed with an accurate pattern leather covered wood lined scabbard with retaining strap.

Available now at £350.

Smatchet Specifications :

  • Length Overall 16 1/8 inches (410mm)
  • Blade Length 10 7/8 inches (276mm)
  • Guard Length 3 1/2 inches (90mm)
  • Weight 1 1/2 lbs (700g)
Smatchet Smatchet Smatchet
Comparison between original Smatchet (left) and Macdonald Armouries reproduction. Original and reproduction blade profiles Original and repro. hilts
Smatchet Smatchet
Original Smatchet and scabbard (left) and Macdonald Armouries reproductions. Original and repros in scabbards.