There is something about a weapon that is both functional and pleasing to the eye at the same time. Where the weapon possesses admirable qualities of both form and function, then it's appeal is all the greater overall.

This martial elegance can be found in all finely crafted weapon types through the ages, from longbows to longswords, rapiers to pistols and rifles to aircraft.

When the proportions of all individual parts work together in a perfect balance to create an aesthetically pleasing but functional weapon or machine, then emotionally contrasting elements speak volumes such as aggressiveness with beautiful form and grace with deadly purpose.

The Fairbairn-Sykes Commando knife is the Spitfire of the knife World, and both are still regarded as all-time combative classics.

Both hail from the same era and were employed over and on the very same battlefields in one of the greatest conflicts the World has ever known. Both are beautiful to behold in their own right and highly effective killers in trained hands.

Now devoid of combative intent by their wielding, they both stand today for us to know and admire as awe inspiring instruments that helped secure the victory and freedom of Allied forces.

They exist today as rare and real reminders of their original duties and serve to ensure that We Shall Remember Them.

Commando Training The British Commando knife was first designed in 1940 by close combat legends William Fairbairn and Eric Sykes, who established and taught the combative training methods for wartime special forces such as the independent companies, SOE, Commandos, U.S Rangers and OSS.

Though known as the FS Fighting knife, this was not designed to be a knife fighting knife, but primarily designed to be used in silent killing actions such as sentry take-outs. The techniques of effective use were taught to various special forces at Highland training centres such as Lochailort Special Training Centre (STC) and Achnacarry, which was the Commando Basic Training Centre (CBTC) from 1942-1945.

Dieppe Dagger The 1st pattern knife was originally manufactured exclusively by Wilkinson Sword Company, and was in great demand from first production. Original 1st pattern knives are highly collectable and sought after today with top quality examples selling for thousands.

The 2nd pattern was manufactured by many companies throughout the UK, and has often been regarded as the most effective pattern of Commando knife ever made. The diamond knurled brass grip provides excellent purchase wet or dry. The hand-ground 7 inch high carbon steel blade carries both edges for the full length of the blade. The scabbard features an elastic retaining band for silent drawing, and rear tabs for stitching the scabbard to any piece of clothing or kit. Commandos were advised to carry their knives wherever they might find most convenient for access.

Macdonald Armouries has researched these unique weapons in great detail to offer high quality reproduction 1st and 2nd pattern knives today. Our knives look, handle and perform as originals.

Features include:

  • 7 inch hand-ground 75Cr1 spring steel blades.
  • Blades are a full 1/4 inch thick at ricasso and distal taper to point.
  • Blades are sharpened as standard.
  • Full tang.
  • 1/8 inch thick steel guards.
  • Solid brass turned and knurled grips.
  • Authentic form and detail brass top nuts.
  • Accurate balance overall (approx. 1 inch back from guard)
  • Authentic patterns of hand-stitched leather scabbards with stapled or riveted brass chapes, securing tabs and press stud or brown elastic retaining straps.

Provide current or previous service details with your order and we'll happy ship it to you free of charge!

To place an order or enquiry, please contact directly by e-mail via the website.

1st Pattern FS Knife

In 1940, following a meeting with close combat legends William Fairbairn and Eric Sykes, Wilkinson sword went into production of the very first nickel plated fighting knives that were to symbolise close combat and the spirit of the British Commandos and Allied special forces.
70 years on, Macdonald Armouries is delighted to offer high quality reproductions of this legendary knife.

Black FS 1

We have spent many months in research and development in order to ensure accuracy and authenticity in reproduction of every element of knife and scabbard. Our pieces convey the same look and feel of wartime originals and it is with such dedication to detail that we offer our 1st pattern to honour the original Wilkinson made knives and the Commandos that used them.
1st pattern scabbards may be ordered without securing tabs on request.

Price per piece £310.

Black FS 1 FS1etch
Original 1st pattern (left)
Armouries repro (right)
Armouries 1st pattern FS knife
and scabbard

Black FS 1 FS1etch
FS Fighting Knife etch Armouries ricasso etch

Black FS 1 FS1etch
1st pattern in scabbard 1st pattern (custom etched)

1st Pattern Full Black - The FS Shadow

It is said that the best way to keep tradition alive is not to pray to the ashes, but to keep the fire alive.

This is our own exclusive creation and offering to continue the FS tradition today. The Shadow is a full black version of the original Fairbairn and Sykes designed 1st pattern FS Fighting Knife. Combining the deadly grace of the 1st pattern blade, guard and grip with a covert satin black finish overall, this is a knife that means business, and that business is mean!

Price per piece £310.

Black FS 1 FS1etch
Ricasso etching detail From the shadows they came..

Black FS 1 FS1etch
The FS Shadow. Day turns to Night.

2nd Pattern FS Knife

The following variations of 2nd Pattern are available to order:
  • Plain Finish - White steel blade, white steel guard, brass grip and top nut, brass scabbard chape.
  • Half Black - White steel blade, black guard, grip, top nut and scabbard chape.
  • Full black - Black blade, black guard, grip, top nut and scabbard chape.
  • Nickel Plated - Polished steel blade, nickel plated guard, grip, top nut and scabbard chape.

Black FS 1 Black FS 2
L-R - Plain, Half Black, Full Black and Nickel Plated.

2nd Pattern - Plain

The plain version has a practical material finish for all components. Grip and top nut in plain brass, guard in plain steel, blade with plain steel finish.
The scabbard features a plain brass chape and brass rivets. A simple and elegant look overall, available in satin or polished finish to order (polished finish pictured).

Price per piece £260.

Black FS 1 FS1etch

Black FS 1 FS1etch

2nd Pattern - Half Black

With the tactical philosophy of Commandos and special forces requiring covert operation, night-time engagement and silent killing actions, there was demand for blackened knives that reflected no light. To these ends, many 2nd pattern knives were made with blackened components. Our half and full black versions replicate these original knives. The half black version was designed with a plain steel blade that was in keeping with Fairbairn's original close combat philosophy of wielding a bright steel blade. This was coupled with a covert black finish on guard, grip, top nut and scabbard chape.

Price per piece £280.

Black FS 1 Black FS 1 Black FS 1

2nd Pattern - Full Black

Our full black FS features blackened blade, guard, grip, top nut and scabbard chape.

Price per piece £290.

Black FS 1 Black FS 1 Black FS 1

2nd Pattern - Nickel Plated

The 1st pattern FS knives and many early 2nd patterns were made with bright nickel plated grips and guards, and had polished blades, with nickel plated scabbard chapes to match. This followed the original philosophy of William Fairbairn, who stated "I believe that a knife should be bright and highly polished for the reason that 20% of the fight is lost by not striking awe in the mind of the victim that a flashing knife gives."

Price per piece £290.

Nickel FS 1 Nickel FS 2
Nickel FS 3 Nickel FS 4

3rd Pattern FS Knife

Our 3rd pattern knives are crafted according to the same specifications of high quality WW2 examples. The following variations of 3rd Pattern are available to order:
  • Plain Finish - White steel blade, white steel guard, brass grip and top nut, brass scabbard chape.
  • Half Black - White steel blade, black guard, grip, top nut and scabbard chape.
  • Full black - Black blade, black guard, grip, top nut and scabbard chape.
  • Nickel Plated - Polished steel blade, nickel plated guard, grip, top nut and scabbard chape.

Black FS 1
L-R - Plain, Half Black, Full Black and Nickel Plated.

3rd Pattern - Plain

The plain version has a practical material finish for all components. Grip and top nut in plain brass, guard in plain steel, blade with plain steel finish.
The scabbard features a plain brass chape and brass rivets. A simple and elegant look overall, available in satin or polished finish to order (satin finish pictured).

Price per piece £260.

Black FS 1

3rd Pattern - Half Black

With the tactical philosophy of Commandos and special forces requiring covert operation, night-time engagement and silent killing actions, there was demand for blackened knives that reflected no light.
To these ends, many 3rd pattern knives were made with blackened components. Our half and full black versions replicate these original knives. The half black version was designed with a plain steel blade that was in keeping with Fairbairn's original close combat philosophy of wielding a bright steel blade. This was coupled with a covert black finish on guard, grip, top nut and scabbard chape.

Price per piece £280.

Black FS 1

3rd Pattern - Full Black

Our full black FS features blackened blade, guard, grip, top nut and scabbard chape.

Price per piece £290.

Black FS 1

3rd Pattern - Nickel Plated

FS knives of all patterns were made with bright nickel plated grips and guards and had polished blades, with nickel plated scabbard chapes to match. This followed the original philosophy of William Fairbairn, who stated "I believe that a knife should be bright and highly polished for the reason that 20% of the fight is lost by not striking awe in the mind of the victim that a flashing knife gives."

Price per piece £290.

Nickel FS 1

Macdonald Armouries FS Specials

Marine Recon FS Knife

This knife was designed between Macdonald Armouries and one of the US Marines top Recon units. The aim was to create a high spec knife for demanding amphibious and covert operational use. The result was the Marine Recon.

This knife features a hardened, tempered and honed blade hand-ground and sanded from SB1 Niolox premium stainless steel (see below for steel info. and specs). The blade is Gun Kote blackened, which gives an exceptionally durable matt black covert finish. The guard is also crafted in stainless steel and powder coated. The threaded tang is A2 stainless steel, which eliminates corrosion even at the peened end. Scabbard is MOLLE compatible as standard for modern equipment carry (Available in MTP or Covert Black)

Available to order at £350

Black FS 1 FS1etch FS1etch
Marine Recon with MTP MOLLE scabbard. Standing by. MTP Ready.
Black FS 1 FS1etch FS1etch
Marine Recon with Covert Black MOLLE scabbard. Standing by. Covert Black Ready.

The FS Throwing Knife

Macdonald Armouries puts a spin on the classic!

Following the form of the 2nd pattern FS knife, our throwing knives are constructed from one solid piece of 75Cr1 steel which is hand-ground, sanded, incised, etched and hardened and tempered to a durable springy toughness. Each knife is etched with our unique variation on the original style etchings, with The FS Throwing Knife on one face and our Macdonald Armouries - Edinburgh etching on the reverse face. Our target-seeking missiles are ready to launch!

Available to order now at only £80 per knife.

Black FS 1 FS1etch FS1etch
The FS Throwing Knife. Unique etched ricasso. Prepared for take-off.

FS Fighting Knife Custom Options

Our standard 1st, 2nd and 3rd patterns of FS knives carry various options to create a more unique or personalised example to suit your requirements.

Custom Ricasso Etching

2nd and 3rd pattern knives are created without blade ricasso etchings as standard. FS Fighting Knife and Macdonald Armouries etchings can be custom ordered on any blade at only £20 per etching.

Black FS 3 Black FS 3 Black FS 3
Nickel 2nd with custom etchings.

Custom Blade Etching

We also offer a custom blade etching service, replicating original wartime styles of customisation. We can create personalised name, regiment or logo blade etchings to order. Prices on application.

Black FS 3 Black FS 3

Black FS 1 FS1etch

Custom Blade Steel

A quality serviceable blade demands the highest specifications in blade steel. For the very best, we hand-grind and sand FS Fighting Knife blades from SB1 Niolox.
This is a high quality fine-grain stainless steel with Niobium carbides that offers the ultimate in toughness and strength.
SB1 Niolox stainless steel data sheet

Additional price per FS blade - £60

Black FS 3
SB1Niolox steel grain structure.

Custom scabbard option

For a modern carry option for your classic pattern knife, we offer the MOLLE/PALS compatible scabbard. This is ideal for operational use and is compatible with current issue UK and US military webbing, LBV's, chest rigs and equipment. A quality solution constructed from hardwearing 1000 denier Multi Terrain Pattern texturised nylon fabric that features elastic retaining strap for silent draw and paracord leg tie. Available in MTP and Covert Black.

Available as an option to dress your knife or at £60 per piece if ordered separately.

Black FS 1 FS1etch FS1etch
MOLLE scabbard, knife secure. Ready to deploy. Rear view showing securing straps.
Black FS 1 FS1etch
Covert Black MOLLE scabbard. Features elastic retaining strap for silent draw.

Custom Presentation Frames

For the ultimate showcase for your FS knife or for official presentation, we offer a high quality framing service for your display requirements. A choice of light or dark wood frame can be chosen to compliment your knife finish. Your choice of backing can reflect the regiment or unit comemmorated such as bottle green for Commando, maroon for Para or sandy for SAS. Any specific regimental or unit badge may be added along with a custom etched brass plaque. Your knife may of course also be of any of our patterns and custom etched if required.

Prices (excluding custom etching options) -
Plain 2nd or 3rd pattern - £280.
Half black, full black or nickel plated 2nd or 3rd pattern - £350.
1st pattern or FS Shadow - £330.

Black FS 1 FS1etch FS1etch
Parachute Regiment and No. 5 Commando SAS Comemmorative Army Commando

Black FS 1 FS1etch
Regiment specific badge Custom etched brass plaque

Our Maker's Mark

The collector's market is full of Fairbairn-Sykes and Commando type knives and varying degrees of quality reproductions are available today from various makers. Unfortunately, there are also unscrupulous sellers who intentionally attempt to sell reproduction knives as originals. This does the market no favours and rips off genuine buyers who purchase in good faith.

In order to avoid the potential problem of our own pieces being sold as originals, we clearly mark all our knives with the initials . M . and . A . for Macdonald Armouries. This is deeply hand-stamped on the lower guard face of each knife. We also stamp our scabbards accordingly. If you ever see this mark on any FS knife, FS scabbard, smatchet or SOE knife being sold as an original WW2 piece, please report such sales directly to us that we might take appropriate action and alert the serious collectors community.

MA Mark MA Mark


"Macdonald has produced a worthy modern replica version of the 1st pattern FS knife and in terms of craftsmanship and finish, the knife is very faithful to the original from 1940/1941 in shape and balance. Ever mindful of the collecting fraternity, he has etched the blade with his name and stamped the crossguard with his initials, given the grip a slightly different style of knurling. The knife and scabbard is a well crafted tribute to the original knifemakers and the men who carried it."
Robert Wilkinson-Latham (Son of the late John Wilkinson-Latham, Director, Wilkinson Sword Company)

"Mac does outstanding work and I am now waiting for my 1st pattern to arrive from him. If you can't afford a real FS you can not go wrong ordering from Mac he is a gentleman, keeps you informed of his progress and like I said his work is without peer.

I receive my 1st pattern from Mr Macdonald today and it took my breath away. All I can say is WOW!! Its hard to believe anything so deadly can also be beautiful. The fit and finish are superb and the workmanship and attention to original detail is outstanding. Mr Macdonald set out to pay homage to the original first patterns and has done so in an outstanding manner. I believe Mr Fairbairn and Mr Sykes would approve. I know mine will be the centre of my small military collection. This is the second knife I have from Mr Macdonald and you can be sure I will be adding more."

SFC Cliff Rittenhouse US Army (Ret) 82nd Airborne, 11th Special Forces, 77th Pathfinder detachment, 20th special Forces, Ohio, USA

"Maestro/ I have just recieved the F&S knife you made for me and the only word I can use is DELIGHTED. As you know I have waited many years to get my hands on even a copy of this piece of my family's history, not being able to afford the genuine article even if any are still about and for sale."
Andy Fairbairn (William Fairbairn's great nephew)

"The First Pattern knife I ordered from Macdonald Armouries arrived this morning. It's one of the first batch shown on Paul Macdonald's display of these beauties. This knife is a superb copy of what Fairbairn, Sykes and Wilkinson achieved as a team during the early days of WWII, with a balance, size, and appearance identical to the originals. Mine will slice newsprint, a test I use to demonstrate a razor edge. For those FS fans out there who have been hanging back, wondering whether or not to take the plunge for one of these, my suggestion is to wait no longer. I have an original First Pattern with which to compare. Balance, weight, appearance and just overall appeal are faultless in this replica, and I am delighted with it."
Peter Hooker, Ontario, Canada

"A very authentic "copy" of the FS knife.... correct down to the smallest detail.... If I didn't know that Macdonald Armouries was not the original wartime manufacturer, I would have thought I had stumbled upon an unissued wartime example... wonderful work."
Gavin Gardiner, Gavin Gardiner Limited, Modern and Vintage Gun Auctioneer, England

"Macdonald Armouries work and service is outstanding! They were responsive to unique requests and executed the product reproduction flawlessly. Thank you for your attention to detail and smooth transaction."
Les Knebl, Australia

"I received your knives. They are amazing. I really feel as though I have a piece of history in my hands."
Director of Operations, Marine International Safety and Security Team, Canada

"Thank you for your work, the knife is great and an excellent repro. I can say 1st class reproduction."
Patricio Diez Butty, Combatives Instructor and author of The Silent Bodyguard, Argentina

"The F/S first pattern you created for me far exceeded my high expectations. As a collector of F/S knives I can say your knife is exceptional. I am using your exact reproduction as an example of what an original mint condition F/S should be like. Your first pattern blade will be displayed next to the original first pattern Wilkinson knife. It is my hope that the original F/S knife is as well constructed as your reproduction. The F/S knife produced by you is an exceptional hand crafted blade. The standard you have set leaves little or no room for improvement. Based on the quality of your work it my intention to add a second pattern knife of your making to my collection. This knife will be used as an example of what a 1940's new issue second pattern would have been like."
James Markiewicz, FS knife collector, USA

"Phenomenal levels of service from a professional team on the tightest of timescales. We were delighted with the quality of the end result and the detailed levels of etching. Highly recommended."
Daniel Porteous, 2Lt., British Army

"I have been looking for some-time for an rugged looking kilt pin and Sgian Dubh that were made by craftsman that were 'nae too fancy', my search made all the more difficult because I now live in the USA. I saw a unique Kilt Pin on the site, and it was exactly what I was looking for, I knew immediately I had found traditional craftsmen. Paul also accepted my challenge of creating a scaled version of the Fairbairn Sykes Commando Dagger (that did not look like a letter opener). The proportions are perfect and I am now the proud owner of the dutifully inscribed 'Sgian Cmdo. #1' All you kilt wearers that are honoured to wear the 'Green Lid'.. give the man a call and get yours ordered. Put Swagger in the Dagger. Per Mare Per Terram"
J.J., ex Royal Marine Commando

"I needed a scabbard to complement a rare WW2 Ribbed and Beaded FS knife belonging to my late uncle. Macdonld Armouries supplied a superb replica scabbard which is as original as it gets. The knife looks fabulous in it, and I am very pleased indeed. Highly recommended."
Martin Cook

"After a few months wait I had my Macdonald First Pattern Fairbairn-Sykes in hand. It seems unfair to call it a reproduction, it is more a continuation of a fine tradition. I am lucky enough to own a couple original WWII First Patterns and if you laid them all side by side, other than the MacDonald etching you'd have a very hard time picking it out from the vintage ones. The quality is tops and the feel is identical to an original. It is accompanied by a first class traditional sheath. Thanks Maestro for a very fine fighting knife. You can find photos of it on our website dedicated to F~S knives - "

David Decker, White Shadow Security.

"I received the Fairbairn Sykes Fighting Knife (Mk2) which I commissioned with you for my daughter. She plans a life in the military and this is a gift for her upon which her very life may one day rely. Seeing the craftsmanship employed in the knife reassures me that it will serve her well. I would recommend your skills and craftsmanship to anyone seeking a quality handmade knife. Aesthetically, it is very pleasing in its finish and also it is obviously built durably for the purposes it was originally created in the 1940's. Many thanks for your excellent workmanship"
J. Adams

"I write to thank you for hand delivering my 1st pattern F-S dagger and scabbard last week. You have produced such an amazing piece of history and I am absolutely stunned and overjoyed with the end product. The meticulous attention to detail, craftsmanship and balance are almost identical to that of the original which is a testament to your work.
As a former Royal Marines Commando, the F-S dagger symbolises and means so much to me and those who have taken the Commando path in life. From wearing a cloth badge on an arm, to carrying an F-S dagger in the field, to having one tattooed on the body and for those a little long in the tooth, mounted on a plaque in their bar, Commando's past and present are rightly proud and respect the history of such a deadly weapon. Your F-S workmanship will be on display for all those privileged enough, to be a member at the Butcher & Bolt private bar."

Greg McKenzie, Publican - Butcher & Bolt, UK

"In a world where the manufacturing industry gets too big and is de-personalised, the Master Macdonald has managed to combine the history with the Art in handcrafted weapons. The Macdonald Armouries OSS Stiletto knife is Art in steel."
Juan Pablo Gomez Azuero, Colombia, South America

"Your FS knife is not only an excellent copy but also a perfect product. Only professionals could realize and achieve such items. I understand why you are commissioned to produce FS knifes for many countries. Very good job. I shall keep in mind your service in order to pursue other orders and follow your FS knife collection with interest. "
Bernard De La Tousche, France

"Sir, I received my FS shadow today and words cannot express how happy I am. This blade is truly a work of art and one I will cherish and then pass down to my son. Thank you so very much."
Robert Prause, Detective Capt. (retired), Passaic County SWAT, USA

"Thank you so much Macdonald Armouries. I really appreciate how quickly you pushed through the making and personalised etching of the knife which arrived the day before the wedding. My husband opened it surrounded by his guard of honour and they all admired the skilfully made blade. The etching is superb and the knife was the perfect present for my husband who has had an extremely busy year returning from tour, straight onto the Commando Course, followed by our marriage and moving house. I have recommended you to so many people and we are enjoying showing everyone the knife. Thank you again!"
Annabelle Salt-Forster, UK

"Thank you so much for the work you put in to my dagger. The dagger itself is superbly made, real craftsmanship, and the etching on it is fantastic. However, even more important than how good it is was the service you provided to my now wife. To have done so much to ensure it was ready for her to give to me on our wedding day was above and beyond what anyone might have expected. Not knowing about what she was getting me, it meant a huge amount to me and even more so when she told me what efforts you had made to get it to her on time. Thank you so much. Kind regards."
Ian Salt-Forster, UK

"Today, I have received the very nice FS first pattern, hand-made from Your hands/ in Your shop. It is a very nice Piece of kit. It looks "Like Time Stood Still"/as made in WW2. Many thanks for making that FS Knife for me."
Henk Kraaijvanger, Netherlands

" I received my type 1 F-S knife yesterday. It looks good. I can tell its handmade, as there are slight irregularities to the knurling on the handle and shape of the blade that correspond to what I've seen in photographs of originals, which were also handmade. I like how the balance is where it should be, about an inch or so from the hand guard and I love the sheath. I do appreciate that the edge is at a steeper angle than most modern "commando" knives which will make it easier to sharpen on my own. I am really glad I decided to buy this."
Marc Monahan, USA

"My Ist pattern Macdonald Armouries etched knife sits proudly next to my Fathers WW2 Wilkinson knife. The craftsmanship and beauty of the Armouries knife adds wonderfully to my collection. This knife will become a family treasure and is a fitting tribute to my Father and all of his Commando comrades. Thank-you."
John Mewett, CVA (Commando Veterans Association) Website Manager, UK

"Hi mate. She arrived at about 9 am. All I can say is Mega! It is ten times the knife that others are sending out. I love it, seems too good to take on tour but I think the best way to pay homage is to use it in service. I will be recommending your work to every one who will listen. Thanks again."
Cpl S *****, 16 Air Assault Bde, Pathfinder Platoon, British Army

"As a member of the Danish Arms & Armour Society I have been collecting Fairbairn-Sykes British Commando knifes for some years. I own several FS made by different makers and in different patterns. When I saw one of Macdonald Armouries 2nd pattern FS in plain finish I simply needed one and I'm not disappointed. It's a very authentic replica in high quality, finish and very well balanced. Thanks to Paul and his crew."
Per Micheelsen, Denmark

"My Macdonald Armouries FS knife represents a personal tribute to the brave and elite men who carried it, from its birth during the dark days of WW2, to the present. A proud tradition to own."
Alan McMillan, UK

"Maestro Macdonald: I wanted to take time to express my satisfaction with your hand-crafted Fairbairn items. I have been collecting war tools for some time, including Fairbairn designed blades and implements. I can say with no reservation that your reproductions are the finest in the World.
It is apparent that you have gone to great lengths to insure your products embody all of the spirit as the original items they are derived from. Not only is the appearance spot on, the other aspects are as well. The balance and textures are identical in every aspect. Such fine attention to detail and quality craftsmanship can only come from a skilled artisan who has worked years to perfect his technique and the materials used.
Despite owning originals, I consider your reproductions to be among my most cherished possessions. When I am in the field I am fully trustful to your blades performing, and at the times when an unexpected failure would result in disaster. I carried an original 1st pattern for some time. However, the blade's age, though in good condition, was always in the back of my mind. Now that I can carry a blade with all of the handling traits of the genuine article, but produced in RWL-34, I would not carry anything less.
Your heat treatment is perfect, as are the grinds of the beautiful blade. The polish of the blade is the best of any F-S blade I have seen. The knurling/checkering, looks and feels so exact, just as I imagine the originals were when they rolled out of production. The benefit of utilizing the RWL-34 has been very evident, not only in greater resistance to wear, but also in its ability to maintain a lasting polish. It also allows for a finer finish on the edge as well.
In addition to the blade, it appears that the sheath was also crafted with extensive attention to detail. From the careful selection of utilized hardware, to that of the leather itself, it is true to original, and of the utmost quality and craftsmanship. The very thread used in the stitching, along with the stitch count, has been carefully crafted with the same scrutiny.
The OSS Instructor's Kit should come with an O2 bottle, because it absolutely takes the breath away!
Once again the leather appears to have been selected, to carefully embody the quality of leather from the era. The closure and hardware have once again been crafted by Paul's watchful eye. Upon opening, it is clear that the Maestro has devoted a great deal of time into each and every deadly piece of steel. From the lapel daggers, to the covert steel pins, to the sabotage coin, no detail has been spared in the crafting of each piece. Cordage for retaining of the lapel dagger, and the thread wrapping of one of the hat pins, and the sleeve daggers looks to be of actual type used as well. Even the small attention of the date on the coin (1918) effectively replicates that which would be found in circulation during WWII. The shoe dagger is nicely fit in a curvature to allow proper carry on the insole of the foot. Even the very stitching of the insole, is that which is found on the original specimens, being crafted by a master cobbler for true authenticity.
I have not found such great steps taken, in order to produce a better quality or authentic product anywhere else in the blade industry. Original examples of many of these simply cannot be found. Without a doubt, this has made many collector-friends of mine quite jealous and all-out envious. While perfect for an advanced collector like me, they are also fully functional tools. Make no mistake, though a wide variety of tools are represented within the kit, the meticulous attention to finish and detail is applied to each and every piece. The pins come to a fine, precision point, sleeve daggers have excellent polished surfaces, and the lapel knives are indeed sharp.
There are no other makers, who have challenged reproducing such an extensive collection of covert weapons, and offered them available to discerning collectors. I am truly thankful that such a skilled artisan is providing this offering in their lineup. I truly appreciate Paul, and all of the time, sweat and care, he utilizes in the crafting of each piece. And for those of us in harm's way, there is nothing more comforting than the knowledge that our equipment is meticulously crafted, by someone who knows what he is doing and who he is doing it for, and takes that responsibility very seriously.
I must now re-write my last will and testament, because I do not wish for my heirs to fight over my Fairbairn blades when I pass...They simply cannot have them, as I am taking them with me! All the best!"

K. Cash, Master-at-Arms, USA

"Received my FS First Pattern from Macdonald Armouries and have to say the craftsmanship is second to none! I had a custom engraving done on the blade of the Parachute Regiment cap badge and am over the moon with it.
Paul Macdonald is a master craftsman and a great source of knowledge in all things pertaining to edged weapons. It was a pleasure dealing with him, so much so, I will soon be ordering a Type D survival knife from Macdonald Armouries!
Highly Recommended."

Colin MacDonald, (1st Battalion The Parachute Regiment, British Army (ret) )

"I wanted to let you know that the mighty all nickel 2nd pattern arrived the day before New Year's Eve.
I've been looking at it on the coffee table since it arrived and I'm completely taken with it.
For starters, the scabbard is really great. It's so robust and scaled up just perfectly to take on the rigours of real use in the field, but still having every bit of history, style and design that the familiar originals had. I always thought the original seemed so underbuilt. Love the thick leather, and the texture of the finish. The stitching is perfect and the scabbard is made with close tolerances and great accuracy.
Likewise, the knife is also scaled up slightly in length, girth, and heft. The crosshatch knurling on the grip is perfect... better than any I've ever seen including the Wilkinsons of old. It's possible to follow any of the single lines in the crosshatch pattern from one end of the grip to the other without it really being interrupted or restarted.
Superb! You're the first maker to take the F-S in an ever so slightly "refreshed" direction and really make it stick. Also, I can see your style more clearly in this piece than any I've seen yet. I've seen many pictures of your work on swords etc., and I can see that same style in this 2nd pattern, and yet you don't vary from the correctness of what an F-S should look like. Extremely subtle and just lovely. The knife and scabbard also have a great deal of character to behold, right out of the box. Very, very well done. The fine etches are the icing on the cake to be sure.
I'm very happy to have a piece that was made from start to finish by you. It makes a difference. This is definitely my favourite Macdonald Armouries knife.
I'm picky and not that easily impressed. I have a good eye for "the good stuff", and my new acquisition is definitely 'the good stuff'.
You are indeed The Maestro. I take my hat off to you, Sir!"

Art Tyler, Vancouver, Canada

"The knives are beautiful. The etches are great, beautifully centred and clear. I love the swelling of the blade under the etch at the crossguard. Very subtle, but really beefy and "just right".
With the new scabbard material, the knives and scabbards look so much like the real thing. You've managed to make very subtle changes to, perhaps the scale. I'm not sure exactly what, but they look and feel actually better than the originals.
Having them out on the coffee table is like having a set of the real things sitting there. I have the real things, so I do know exactly how good yours are. Outstanding Paul."

"Paul kindly crafted a beautiful black Second Pattern with First Pattern hilts for me to have by my side in Iraq and the wild North West. It has been stuck down the back of my boot in its skinny scabbard (old school style), slung under my shirt in the lovely black Molle one, and variously strapped here and there for every occasion, for over a year.
It is fine steel and works nicely for everything I need it to do. The black is wearing off the handle and the scabbards scuffed up and it looks like it just survived WW2. It fits right in with some of locals' assortment of operational memorabilia - Rusky PPSH 41s, a Mauser K98, a Blacker Bombard, a Tommy Gun, even a 1909 Webley automatic pistol... The pommel breaks car windows, and the sharp end is nasty, it has seen some action and swum some rivers. It is passed around in meetings and pow wows like a sort of touchstone - its a ruddy job to keep it from going walkies. It is amazing and so are Macdonald Armouries. I have the greatest respect for Paul, his elves, and for keeping history in action."

"Have been cleared in the use of force, where your dagger probably saved at least one life. Guy used his left hand, attempting to disarm me. I had the gun secured with my right hand. when he grabbed me around my neck with his right arm, I pulled your push dagger from behind my mag pouch with my left hand, drove it straight up into his right bicep, complete transaction of the brachial artery and nerve. Well done on a quality item."
Ex-SF, Anon

"Hi Paul, just back from sandpit. The sleeve knife was just brilliant. With me day and night on the upper arm held on with a couple of yank trouser cuff elastic bands. Not used in anger, but i got it out in istanbul with a heroic flash in a nasty moment when two blokes jumped in my taxi at the airport, and bailed out. Brilliant - life saver. I love the amount of stuff going out east - scares the bejusus out of them your knives do."
Serving Operator, Anon

"My FS arrived this morning and she is exceptionally well crafted, as good as any original I've seen, if not better. The grind is obviously done by hand and not by template or CNC, which only adds to its charm. Handles well, perfectly weighted towards the rear.
Etching impressions are crystal clear and not at all fuzzy around the edges, as some makers have done in the past. Scabbard leather is better than expected, being nice and thick, plus supple and well stitched. All in all I'm more than satisfied with this beauty."
Chris Parkes

"I received your package today and I'm very happy with everything! The craftsmanship of these items just screams quality. The FS half black is now one of my nicest knives in my collection! Thanks a lot for your service, and I will probably order more items in the future! All the best"

"Just wanted to take some time to say how pleased I am with the the Long Lapel Knife and SOE Thumb Knife made for me by Macdonald Armouries. I have always had a keen interest in WW2 Combatives and weapons particularly covert weaponry and I am over the moon with my order . I have a friend who solely collects only original pieces and even he was very impressed. I was updated throughout the whole making process and Paul Macdonald was very helpful. I will most certainly be adding more to my collection in the near future.Look no further than Macdonald Armouries!"

"I wanted to write to you to offer my thanks relating to a purchase my wife Rachel made from your company recently. She informed me that not only were you very helpful regarding the purchase of a 1st pattern FS Commando dagger, but that you were kind enough to move us up the waiting list due to our circumstances. This was completely unexpected, but tremendously appreciated by my wife and I.
By way of thanks, please find enclosed a 7 Sqn print as a small token of my appreciation. At the risk of coming across like an oddball may I just state that I was formerly a Royal Marine prior to transferring to the RAF in 2008, so the Commando Dagger carries tremendous significance for me personally. The knife you provided me with will be integrated into my modular survival jacket and taken with me on operations.
Please pass on my sincerest thanks to the rest of your staff and keep up the good work. It is uplifting to see that the legacy of one of the most powerful symbols of the Royal Marines is in safe hands."
Flt Lt ******, 7 Sqn RAF