Six months in creation, the Montoya Rapier was created as a reproduction of the 17th century style swept hilt rapier from the movie The Princess Bride. This sword is a spectacular piece where function meets craftsmanship in a stunning example of the swordmakers Art.

The blade is EN45 spring steel, reflecting the style of blade seen on early to mid C17th rapiers. The hilt and detail reproduces that of Inigo Montoyas sword from the movie, the legend being that it was ordered by the rich though dastardly six fingered Count Rugen and created by Inigo`s father, Domingo Montoya.

It was a swordmaker's sword, being tailored and balanced for a six-fingered man and featuring gold and jewels throughout. When Rugen collects the sword, he refuses to pay the full amount and runs Domingo through the heart in front of his son, Inigo. Inigo swears revenge upon Rugen from that day on and spends his life studying the Art of swordsmanship and seeks out the Count for their climactic duel where Inigo defeats Rugen with the very rapier that killed his father.

The hilt is 24 karat gold-plated bronze, bearing hand carved detail on each branch that tells the stories of Rugen, Domingo and Inigo. Their paths are interwoven throughout the hilt, bringing the story of the sword together as one. Each sword bears 32 inset garnet and lapis lazuli stones that give a deep rich accent to the gold hilt and pommel. A matching dagger is also available separately or to compliment the sword itself.

The dimensions and balance of the sword are perfect. . . .for any six fingered man.

Price: £1200 GBP excluding postage. The dagger is £500 GBP. Scabbards are available separately upon request.

Montoya Rapier Montoya Rapier Montoya Rapier
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