The OSS Stiletto

A rare and unique knife, the stiletto was designed for and used by US intelligence agency, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) during WW2. The OSS co-ordinated espionage activities behind enemy lines and required specialised weaponry for the high operational risk of close combat encounters.

OSS By mid-1942, the FS knife had been in production for around 18 months and was already sought after and accepted as the ideal knife for this purpose. Connecticut based housewares company Landers, Frary and Clark was well placed to employ its extensive manufacturing capabilities towards the contract. Their quote of 2.03 USD per knife was accepted and production began in June 1942 with an initial order for 10,000 pieces.

As a measure of wartime austerity, the company used the same stamping tool for their household spatula to make the steel scabbard back. This is still known today amongst the military knife collector community as the "pancake flipper" scabbard. The knife itself is a slightly smaller version of the 2nd pattern FS knife and all components received a covert black finish overall.

Macdonald Armouries received an original example on loan to study in great detail towards reproduction. We have gone to great lengths to accurately replicate every material, dimension and detail of form to bring you a highly faithful handcrafted knife today. From clandestine origins in darkest times the OSS stiletto once again, steps from the shadows...

Available now at £250.

Stiletto Specifications (knife only):

  • Length Overall 11 1/4 inches (285mm)
  • Blade Length 6 1/2 inches (165mm)
  • Weight 7 oz (198g)
Smatchet Smatchet Smatchet
Macdonald Armouries OSS Stiletto and scabbard. Celebrating an original legend.
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