SOE and OSS Covert Blades

Various types of blades were manufactured specifically for the SOE and OSS during WW2. These were designed to function as covert weapons, easily concealable, yet effective for actions of sabotage and close combat on clandestine operations.

Lapel Knives

This blade was designed to be stitched behind the jacket lapels for concealability and ease of access. It could also be secreted and stitched anywhere about the clothing. The double edged blade is small but effective for striking strategic targets in close combat.

Small lapel features a filed base for secure grip and matt black finish for covert use.

Long lapel features a blackened, filed and thread-wrapped grip area.

Lapel Knife (short version):
  • Price per piece £75
  • Length Overall 3 inches (76mm)
  • Weight 40g
Lapel Knife (long version):
  • Price per piece at £85
  • Length Overall 5 inches (127mm)
SOE Short 1 SOE Short 2 SOE Long

SOE Thumb Knife

Slightly larger overall than the small lapel knife, this particular model was advertised in the original SOE Catalogue of Special Devices and Supplies as printed in 1944 and 1945. This blade is sharpened for the full length of one edge and has a back edge for 3/4 of the blade. Blackened and filed grip section. The scabbard is designed to be stitched to clothing.

  • Price per piece £85
  • Length Overall 3 1/4 inches (82.5mm)
Shoeknife1 Shoeknife2 Shoeknife2

SOE Sleeve Dagger

Reproduced from an original SOE example, this hand-ground steel spike features a triple-recessed square section handle with cross hatching for secure grip. Finished in matt black and complete with a leather scabbard designed for strapping to the arm or stitching to personal attire

  • Price per piece £90
  • Length Overall 6 1/4 inches (159mm)
SOEspike1 SOEspike2

H.G. Long style Sleeve Dagger

This piece closely reproduces the original WW2 sleeve daggers made by H.G. Long in Sheffield and finished in the U.S by reknowned military knife maker, John Ek. The blade is solid steel just over 7" long with a 3 1/2" blade. The triangular section blade features two fullers and is finished to a bright polish. The blade end features a recessed band for tying cord or leather to for drawing. The grip is etched with the Macdonald Armouries name.

The hand-stitched leather scabbard replicates the original form and is complete with retaining strap and buckle that attach to the arm. This was known as an "X" sheath due to the manner in which the strap crosses on the arm. Crafted as standard now with webbing strap and quick release buckles (pictured). Traditional leather strap with brass buckles crafted on request.

  • Price per piece £120
  • Length Overall 7 1/4 inches (184mm)
HGLongknife1 HGLongknife2 HGLongknife3

SOE Shoe Knife

Special Operations Executive agents were required to carry cleverly concealed blades such as the shoe knife. Several versions were made, of which we are pleased to offer a high quality reproduction of one of the most unique. This thin blade was intentionally formed with a recurve to shape neatly under the sole of the foot. The leather insole is crafted by a local master cobbler and specially stitched to act as a concealed scabbard. To aid an escape, the shoe could be removed and the knife drawn for use.

  • Price per piece £120
  • Blade Length Overall 5 1/2 inches (140mm)