Macdonald Armouries specialises in the production of well-balanced, historically-accurate, functional European swords, dating from Bronze Age to late 19th century. We also accept custom orders for personalised, custom, fantasy or movie swords on request.

Just drop us an e-mail or give us a call to discuss your requirements and ideas, and we`ll be happy to help. Leather scabbards also available on request.

Previous work includes:
  The Suontaka sword.
Reproduced from an original piece found in a woman`s grave in Finland c.1100 AD. Hilt, pommel and grip in bronze with zoomorphic Celtic knotwork throughout.
  The Bruce Sword.
Reproduction of the two handed sword owned by Lord Elgin, direct descendant of Robert the Bruce, King of Scots.
  C14th longsword reproduced from an original French river found example. Custom scabbard and belt fittings in leather and brass.
  14th century style single handed broadsword with iron wheel pommel and slight downturned steel quillions.
  Late 17th century style Highland basket hilted broadsword.
  18th century style hunting hangar with steel scallop-filed hilt and pommel and stag antler grip.
  Late C17th style Spadroon. Single fuller double edged blade, blued steel hilt and pommel with blued steel wire grip.
  He-Man Sword of Power! A reproduction of the original animation sword. Cast in solid aluminium and hand finished. Wonderfully complemeted by the She-Ra Sword with turquoise inset.