For the serious connoisseur and practitioner of backswording or singlesticking, Macdonald Armouries are happy to offer perhaps the finest singlesticks available on the market today. These training weapons are ideal for C16th-C18th back/broadsword, C18th-C19th military cavalry and infantry sabre and for C19th sporting singlesticking, where blows were restricted to the head only.

Blades are hand cut and drawn to appropriate dimensions and section from only the finest sourced natural ash.
Our blades are fitted with sturdy hardwood dowels to secure over baskets. Ash is regarded as the tempered steel of the wood world and the most ideal for repeated contact practice, traditionally used for centuries as polearm shafts and training blades. The baskets are individually handcrafted in quality leather hide, shaped and hardened for maximum hand protection, strength and longevity by Irish master leather craftsman, Tony O`Connor.

Available at £70 each complete excluding postage costs.

Leather baskets only: £60 each.

Ash shaped and dowelled sticks only: £12 each.

The standard dimensions offered are 33" blade length, approx. 39"-40" overall. Maximum blade section diameter is 1". Blade lengths may be cut to custom lengths if required. Baskets may be used either left or right handed.

Custom leatherwork on baskets is also offered. Please enquire directly as to costs, which are variable according to detail and amount of work involved for each piece.

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