Macdonald Armouries is pleased to offer the first ever reproduction of Aman Fasil's famous Toledo Salamanca sword from the original Highlander movie.

This sword makes it appearance in the movie's first explosive swordfight, which takes place in a parking lot near Madison Square Gardens in New York. Aman Fasil takes on Connor MacLeod in single combat, ending in a headless Fasil and a spectacular quickening. Aman Fasil was played by the movies fight director, Peter Diamond.

Nickel FS 1

This is an exact reproduction, with detailing perfectly mirroring the original movie sword such as gold plated hilt and pommel, imitation ivory grip, pattern, velvet ricasso detail and with an impressive 83 stones inset per sword, faceted garnets and white cubic zirconia (best diamond substitute) set into the exact positions of the original sword detail.

Own a legendary sword worth "about a million bucks" for only £500 GBP!

Leather scabbards available upon request.

Overall length - 43"
Blade length - 36" from cross
Blade width - 1 1/4" at widest

This rare reproduction is now even more collectable, with only another 15 swords to be individually manufactured due to an extremely limited original hilt pattern run.

Toledo Salamanca Rapier Toledo Salamanca Rapier Toledo Salamanca Rapier Toledo Salamanca Rapier