The World War 2 Special Forces Collection

Throughout WW2, soldiers of the Allied special forces conducted daring missions and raids on the front lines of Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Many of these operations involved action in close combat, where various types of specially designed blades prevailed in silent killing and hand-to-hand fighting.

Macdonald Armouries has researched original examples of various legendary blades, and offers a range of high quality reproductions. Each piece has been studied in great detail, as we aim to replicate materials, dimensions, form, weight and balance as closely as possible to original examples.

Ideal for serving personnel, military enthusiasts, collectors and living history re-enactors alike.

The Fairbairn-Sykes Commando Knife

FS Knives The Fairbairn-Sykes Commando knife is the Spitfire of the knife World, and both are still regarded as all-time combative classics. Both hail from the same era and were employed over and on the very same battlefields in one of the greatest conflicts the World has ever known. Both are beautiful to behold in their own right and highly effective killers in trained hands.

Full details on our range of Fairbairn-Sykes knives can be found here.

The Fairbairn Smatchet

Smatchet The smatchet was designed to serve as an effective close combat weapon, with a broad but remarkably thin blade which provides excellent cutting ability.

During WW2, this weapon went into action in the hands of British and American special forces such as the Commandos, SOE (Special Operations Executive) and OSS (Office of Strategic Services).

Full details on the Fairbairn Smatchet can be found here.

The Fairbairn Cobra Knife

Smatchet During the 1950's, Fairbairn designed a new and unique knife, known as the Cobra. This is of a similar size to the wartime smatchet, but handles more like a Fairbain-Sykes fighting knife, making it an effective close combat weapon. This piece is reproduced from the only known photograph of two original examples and is exacting in all details, proportion and form.

Full details on the Fairbairn Cobra Knife can be found here.

The OSS Stiletto

OSS Stiletto A rare and unique knife, the stiletto was designed for and used by US intelligence agency, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) during WW2. The OSS co-ordinated espionage activities behind enemy lines and required specialised weaponry for the high operational risk of close combat encounters. Macdonald Armouries creates and offers the only available faithful reproduction of this knife today.

Full details on the OSS Stiletto can be found here.

The Classic Mission Knife

OSS Stiletto An exact reproduction of an original WW2 example, these knives are still valued for their concealable, lightweight and robust nature.

Full details on the Classic Mission Knife can be found here.

SOE and OSS Covert Blades
Lapel Knife Various types of blades were manufactured specifically for the SOE and OSS during WW2. These were designed to function as covert weapons, easily concealable, yet effective for actions of sabotage and close combat on clandestine operations.

Full details on our range of covert blades can be found here.

Custom Orders

Smatchet Macdonald Armouries is happy to undertake orders for custom reproduction weapons projects, such as this experimental armette, originally designed during WW2 by Bernard J. Cosneck. Although patented and tested by the U.S. Army and Fairbairn himself, this close combat weapon never saw production or service, though Fairbairn did order one for his "bag of tricks".