Please note that due to high demand, Macdonald Armouries has stopped taking all custom orders for the foreseeable future.

Historic Product lines ---

FSfan.JPG Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knives
Macdonald Armouries handcrafts the largest range of high quality Fairbairn-Sykes British Commando knives available Worldwide today. These are exact copies of 1st, 2nd and 3rd pattern wartime knives, with various versions and customisations available.
Smatchet Fairbairn Smatchet
We manufacture the only authentic Fairbairn Smatchet available today, as designed by William Fairbairn and used by Allied special forces such as SOE, OSS and Commandos.
Smatchet Fairbairn Cobra
During the 1950's, Fairbairn designed a new and unique knife, known as the Cobra. This is of a similar size to the wartime smatchet, but handles more like a Fairbain-Sykes fighting knife, making it an effective close combat weapon. This piece is reproduced from the only known photograph of two original examples and is exacting in all details, proportion and form. Macdonald Armouries offers the only authentic form version of this knife today.
OSS6.JPG The OSS Stiletto
Originally created for the OSS during WW2, Macdonald Armouries manufactures the only reproduction available of this unique fighting knife design today.
OSS6.JPG Classic Mission Knife
An exact reproduction of an original WW2 example, these knives are still valued for their concealable, lightweight and robust nature.
Lapelknife SOE Lapel Knives
This was the covert blade designed for SOE (Special Operations Executive) and OSS (Office of Strategic Services) operatives during WW2. Disguised as civilians, these agents carried out resistance, intellegence and sabotage operations behind enemy lines. This knife was designed to be stitched behind the jacket lapels and used when necessary in a tight spot. These are still a popular carry with present day SF soldiers and security forces. We offer several designs of these, all replicating original examples.
WW2Coll.jpg The WW2 Special Forces Collection
Macdonald Armouries is pleased to offer high quality reproductions of various legendary edged weapons as used by Allied special forces throughout WW2 including SOE and OSS covert blades.
Dirks Type D Survival Knife
We have revived the original Wilkinson Sword Type D Survival Knife and offer an exacting handcrafted version, every bit as sturdy and functional as the originals. An outstanding practical bush or field knife.
Dirks Dirks and Sgian Dubhs
Our in stock range of traditional Highland Dirks and Sgian Dubhs, handcrafted in authentic C17th and C18th styles.
Longswordhiltblack Medieval Swords
We have created many different European medieval swords for historical fencers and collectors alike. Exact reproductions and specifications a speciality!
Longswordhiltblack C14th Broadsword - NOW SOLD!
This C14th style broadsword is in stock and available now!
yewballock Medieval Daggers
We offer custom C15th style medieval ballock daggers with carved yew or ivorine grip and solid bronze fittings. These fine pieces (based on an original in the Wallace Collection, London) are crafted with decorated leather scabbards. Any other forms of European medieval knives undertaken to order.
Suontakablack1 The Suontaka Sword
Some years ago, we received a commission for a reproduction of the original Suontaka sword, which was found in a woman's grave in Finland. The original grip and hilt are crafted entirely in bronze and decorated throughout with impressive zoomorphic Celtic knotwork detail. We are one of only a few swordmakers to replicate this sword and have also created some stunning variations which can be ordered at any time.
Claymore Highland Two Handed Claymore
We can offer the unique Scottish sword design, the Highland two handed Claymore. This replicates an original form of this legendary sword as used to great effect by Highlanders throughout the Jacobite risings. An impressive sword (55 1/2" overall), but with a perfectly functional weight and balance.
Montoya Early German Rapier
A lovely German style sidesword/early rapier with pierced, partly shelled guard. Available to order anytime. Ideal for the historical fencer or discerning collector.
Dusacks of Distinction Dusacks of Distinction
A graceful new product from Macdonald Armouries. Handcrafted 16th century style Dusacks made in either solid oak or ash wood shaped in two distinct blade styles as researched from contemporary fencing treatises. These may be ordered in plain wood or finished in a black gloss overall and embellished with complementary scrollwork detail in gold on both sides of the grip faces, also running along the knucklebow and for the full length of the spine. A unique and distinctly stylish addition to any armoury or weapon collection.
Singlesticksblack Serious Singlesticks
Originally the primary training weapon for European swordsmen in centuries past, the Singlestick also evolved into a competitive match weapon in its own right. Extremely difficult to acquire today, the Macdonald Armouries remains one of the elite suppliers of quality ash-wood Singlesticks with authentic leather baskets (personalised on request) also available on special order.
Kilt Pins Kilt Pins and Brooches
Bronze Kilt Pins/Brooches. Cast in solid bronze and hand finished, this unique piece replicates the form of traditional 17th - 18th century Jacobite dirks. Ideal for wearing with the kilt or as a special gift, these are attractively packaged in individual case and sleeve.
Currently out of stock!
clothing Cross and Sword Clothing Range
Making the sword fashionable to wear once again! We are pleased to offer a wide range of quality clothing complete with embroidered cross and sword logo and printed backs. T-shirts, polo shirts, fleeces, jackets and hats.
All Available Now!
clothing Calendar 2013 - A Year in Steel
Mark time in tribute to the craft with our full colour calendars highlighting our finest work from the past 12 months.
Available to Order Now!

Custom and Movie Products ---

Basket3 Reproduction and Custom Swords
Macdonald Armouries specialises in the production of well-balanced, historically-accurate, functional European swords, dating from Bronze Age to late 19th century. We also accept custom orders for personalised, custom, fantasy or movie swords on request. Just drop us an e-mail or give us a call to discuss your requirements and ideas, and we`ll be happy to help. Leather scabbards also available on request.
MontoyaDagger Daggers and Dirks
Macdonald Armouries has created various European knife forms from 14th Century to WW2. We also create traditional Highland dirks, replicating or following 17th and 18th Century originals, as carried and used by our Jacobite forebearers. Blades are crafted in EN45 steel and grips in either wood, antler, brass, bronze, or a combination of materials. Brass mounted leather scabbards also made either plain or decorated to order.
Toledo Rapier The Toledo Salamanca Rapier
Macdonald Armouries is pleased to offer the first ever reproduction of Aman Fasil's famous Toledo Salamanca sword from the original Highlander movie. This is an exact reproduction, with detailing perfectly mirroring the original movie sword such as gold plated hilt and pommel, imitation ivory grip, pattern, velvet ricasso detail and with an impressive 83 stones inset per sword, faceted garnets and white cubic zirconia (best diamond substitute) set into the exact positions of the original sword detail.
Montoyahilt New! The Inigo Montoya Rapier
Six months in creation, the Montoya Rapier was created as a reproduction of the 17th century style swept hilt rapier from the movie The Princess Bride. This sword is a spectacular piece where function meets craftsmanship in a stunning example of the swordmakers Art. The blade is EN45 spring steel, reflecting the style of blade seen on early to mid C17th rapiers. The hilt and detail reproduces that of Inigo Montoya's sword from the movie, the legend being that it was ordered by the rich, though dastardly, six fingered Count Rugen and created by Inigo`s father, Domingo Montoya.
He-Man&She-Ra.jpg He-Man & She-Ra Swords of Power!
The only commercially available full size quality reproductions of these swords of legend from the original He-Man animation series. Now you too can Have the Power!