Since 1998, sword maker and master-at-arms Maestro Paul Macdonald has been making high-quality reproductions of edged weaponry for historical fencers, collectors, museums and theatre companies. As one of Europe's leading researchers and instructors of traditional martial arts, Maestro Macdonald is in a unique position to understand and craft the tools that professional warriors staked their lives on. Weapons from Macdonald Armouries are high quality, functional reproductions that replicate the same dimensions, form, weight and balance as their original counterparts. While a sword can only be as effective as the hand that wields it, these pieces are worthy instruments with which to honour past and future generations.

Over the years, we have developed our skills and range in manufacturing high quality functional Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knives for military use and collectors. See our full range here at our FS fighting knives page for further images and details.

Most of our work is custom made to your specifications. Images throughout this site represent only an example of what we can offer. Though Macdonald Armouries has stopped taking custom orders due to high demand, please E-mail us directly for original refurbishment/restoration work, historic weaponry consultations or general enquiries and we shall be happy to help.

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Montoyablack1 Suontaka Sword