October 2021 - Macdonald Armouries relocation and orders latest!

Cobra2 Macdonald Armouries is delighted to announce a successful relocation of our entire operations from Edinburgh to the Scottish Borders! The move to a home-based workshop and re-organisation took some great time and effort, but means now that production is far more efficient for all orders.

Regarding orders, I must also confirm that Macdonald Armouries has stopped taking all custom orders for the foreseeable future due to high and rising demand over the past years. I thank every single customer for their custom, understanding and patience over the past decades and for those to come.

Meanwhile, find our Facebook group, which shall remain fully active with regular production updates, products available, ongoing research, history and adventure! - https://www.facebook.com/groups/323500131086

July 2013 - Survival Revival - We re-launch the Type D Survival Knife!

Cobra2 We are delighted to revive a true knife classic and one of the toughest field knives ever designed. Check out our Type D Survival knife page for full details and images!

April 2013 - Our knives - Coming to a Screen near you!

Cobra2 Macdonald Armouries was recently commissioned to make our exclusive FS Shadow knives for screen use by lead actors in the forthcoming movie RUSH, starring Vinnie Jones and Dolph Lundgren.

Blunt versions were commissioned also for action fight scene sequences and two of our pieces are seen here on set with Vinnie Jones and Scottish co-star Gianni Capaldi.
The movie is set for release later this year. Keep an eye out for our work, from a wee armoury to the big screen!

March 2013 - Scottish news coverage!

Cobra2 Scottish Television last week interviewed us at the armoury and released a short video and informative article on their website about our work.
Check out the news coverage here

March 2013 - News of special commission in Soldier Magazine!

Cobra2 .

We have featured in this month's edition of Soldier (The official magazine of the British Army). The article reports on our US Army Special Operations Command commission received in 2012. Click on the image to read more!

March 2013 - A spin on the classic - The FS Throwing Knife!

Cobra2 An all new knife unique to Macdonald Armouries, a throwing version of the FS Fighting Knife. Each knife is handcrafted in 75Cr1 steel and hardened and tempered to a tough, springy finish for hours of throwing practice! Check out our FS fighting knives page for full details and images!

March 2013 - New modern carry FS scabbards!

Cobra2 .

Still a classic design that does the job, the FS knife continues to serve as a popular piece of operational equipment for front-line personnel. We now offer high quality modern FS scabbards that are compatible with current UK and US equipment and webbing. Available in MTP or Covert Black, check out our FS fighting knives page for latest details and images!

February 2013 - Celebrate a Year in Steel!

Cobra2 We love sharing our work and now offer you the chance to enjoy some of our finest pieces from the past 12 months with our all-new wall calendars.

Check out our exclusive 2013 Calendar page for details!

February 2013 - New SAS Commemorative Special!

Cobra2 We are delighted to offer a unique limited edition tribute to the service of Bob Podesta, A Squadron, 22 SAS. Each knife is specially etched, numbered and available with a signed certificate of authentiicty.

Check out our FS fighting knives page for details of stock while they last!

February 2013 - New FS Custom Options!

Cobra2 We now offer various new custom options for our entire FS Fighting Knife range. Custom etching, premium blade steel, scabbards and presentation framing options are all yours to choose from.

Check out our FS fighting knives page for the latest updates!

January 2013 - New FS knife line!

Cobra2 We are pleased to announce manufacture of our very own 3rd pattern FS fighting knives! These are crafted with hand-ground blades, solid turned brass grips and detailing that replicate high quality WW2 examples.

See our full range here at our FS fighting knives page for further images and details!

December 2012 - Power Up!

Cobra2 Our handcrafted aluminium He-Man and She-Ra Swords have been popular since first created. We are happy to offer a new model of the legendary sword of power that gives it a graceful and dynamic look combined with a high polish finish.

See it here at our He-Man and She-Ra swords page for further images and details!

December 2012 - From the Shadows Reborn...

Cobra2 Our motto here at Macdonald Armouries is simple - Making History. That certainly applies to replicating historical pieces today and sometimes we find ourselves honoured to take that sentiment a step further. The OSS Stiletto has been a rare and unique fighting knife that has been little known since first manufacture in WW2. We have brought that knife back to Life and are happy to create and offer an exacting replica today.

Check out our exclusive OSS Stiletto page for further images and details!

July 2012 - An Honour Received - A Tribute to Make

WTCsteel USSOC (US Special Operations Command) wish to commemorate 10 years of joint US-UK operations in Afghanistan and do so by commissioning two special knives that shall be proudly displayed at their Fort Bragg HQ.
One US WW2 pattern and one UK WW2 pattern are required, both knife types synonymous with special forces and operations. To honour US forces, one V-42 pattern knife (as used by 1st Special Service Force - the Devil's Brigade) has been commissioned from Case, the US knifemaking company that manufactured the originals in WW2.
To honour UK special forces, one 1st pattern FS Fighting Knife has been commissioned and we have been honoured indeed to be asked to create this knife. To make each knife unique and ultimately symbolic of the start of operations in Afghanistan, each manufacturer has been sent a single piece of steel recovered from wreckage of the World Trade Centres.

It shall be our duty to create a symbol of enduring strength and hope from the ashes that have seen both countries advance and serve united on today's front lines.

June 2012 - Our busiest year yet!

Cobra2 Greg Marr joined our armoury staff at the start of 2012 following an extensive selection process and we have been keeping up with demand since! We are working through a very full order board for 2012 and would like to thank all our customers for supporting Macdonald Armouries and traditional British craftsmanship. Our historical sword reproductions are still in production and our growing range of FS Fighting knives and WW2 legends are in great demand with both collectors and serving military alike. Watch this space for our latest developments!

August 2011 - Return of the Cobra

Cobra2 One of the great joys of this work is making contact with some True characters and legends in the military and combatives World.

Contact recently with a veteran of the Cyprus riot Police in the 1950's has confirmed the authenticity of the legendary Fairbairn Cobra knife. The very existence of this knife had been disputed until now. We are ever thankful for the shared experiences of military veterans that help us better understand history and fact.

Check out our updated Fairbairn Cobra page for veteran testimony!

August 2011 - Search is on for new Armoury staff!

Cobra2 2011 has been an incredibly busy year both personally and professionaly.

As a one-man show, only so much is possible and due to increasing demand for Macdonald Armouries products it has been necessary to cast the creative net.

The search is on for new armoury staff to help production roll on for 2011/12 and also further the learning and practice of traditional craftsmanship in this rare field. Check out the news article here

2011 - Our Busiest year ever!

Cobra2 Half-way through 2011, and I can safely say that this has been the busiest year of the armouries yet!
Since around October 2010, the order board has been jam-full of orders. Many of these have been FS knives and covert blades and I have been working even more intensely to ensure that custom sword orders also keep rolling.

That said, the working ethos of the Armouries has never changed and that is dedication to handcrafted quality, which can be managed in good time, but never rushed. Many thanks to all past and present customers for creating the demand and keeping the pressure on! (wouldn't have it any other way ;)

With many ongoing professional teaching and military commitments to fulfil for the remainder of 2011, production time will be demanding and intense, but rest assured that commitment to quality and high standards of product and customer service remain Paramount. Thankyou All!

March 2011 - New Knife from Macdonald Armouries - The FS Shadow!

Cobra2 We are proud to have created the first of a new variation of traditional Fighting Knife - The FS Shadow.
This is a full black variation of the original Fairbairn and Sykes designed 1st pattern Fighting Knife. Combining the deadly grace of the 1st pattern blade, guard and grip with a covert satin black finish overall. Further images and information can be found on our FS Fighting knives page.

March 2011 - Farewell Broni!

Cobra2 This month we say goodbye to Broni, having been an invaluable part of armoury production over the past months making top quality knife blades. Broni shall soon be back in his native Austria where we wish him all the best for future projects, work and path in Life. Watch out for Broni blades in years to come. All the Best mate!

January 2011 - Product improvements and new lines for 2011!

Cobra2 We are constantly seeking to improve our products detail by detail to bring you the Best for 2011!
An improved etching method now allows us to create deeper and crisper Macdonald Armouries and FS Fighting Knife etchings on our 1st pattern and custom 2nd pattern FS Commando knives.
This provides a more durable finish and authentic look to our range of handcrafted British made legends.
Our first new product this year is the SOE covert currency sole and can be found on our SOE and OSS Covert Blades page.
More exciting edged products are in the pipeline for 2011 and we'll keep you posted right here!

January 2011 - Macdonald Armouries work features on new Amazon kindle book

Cobra2 A newly published book on Amazon Kindle, Celtic Blood by Jim Loftus features a cover image of our Suontaka sword.
Book Description reads - Scotland, one hundred years after MacBeth, in the highlands a rival claimant for the crown, a descendant of Malcolm Canmore, and Earl of Ross, raises the highlands, in revolt, only to be defeated and remorselessly hunted through the highlands until death. Check out the book here

December 2010 - Seasons Greetings!

Cross and Sword Macdonald Armouries wishes all customers and friends a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

November 2010 - Free postage/shipping for serving and veteran military personnel!

Cross and Sword Macdonald Armouries is proud and happy to offer free postage or shipping for all serving and veteran military personnel for all knife orders. Be sure to provide present or previous service details with your order and we'll be happy to send it your way free of charge!

October 2010 - 2nd Batch of 1st Pattern FS knives in production!

Cross and Sword Our second batch of 1st Pattern FS Fighting Knives are now in production (first three pictured left).
First production run received many positive testimonials which can also be found on our FS knives page, and we have also taken on board suggestions from the collectors community to make small but significant changes that make these pieces very close to originals indeed. Macdonald Armouries versions are still distinct, carrying our own named etching on one ricasso as well as stamped guards and scabbards. First orders are already in, so get them while they're hot!

September 2010 - New Arrival to Macdonald Clan!

Cross and Sword I am delighted to announce the arrival of the latest addition to the Macdonald Clan, Eilish Macdonald, who arrived on the 28th September 2010 at a tottie wee 4lbs 7oz!
New found parenting duties take priority in any man's Life, though I shall be working harder all the same to bring you no less than the service and quality expected of Macdonald Armouries. Thankyou all for your understanding.

August 2010 - Commemorative FS Knife T-Shirts now available!

Cross and Sword Following launch of our 1st Pattern FS Fighting Knives 70 years after original Wilkinson Sword production, we have designed a special commemorative shirt. The shirt features a 1st pattern knife flanked by listings of the main special forces units who have used the FS knife from WW2 to present day. Available to order now from our Cross and Sword clothing page.

August 2010 - FS Knife Testimonials

Cross and Sword We are delighted to receive testimonials at anytime from satisfied customers. If you are happy with our work, then we are happy in our work!
Several testimonials have been recieved recently regarding our 1st and 2nd pattern FS Fighting Knives and we are happy to share them on our FS Knives page.

July 2010 - Apprentice Stephen completes first sword project.

Cross and Sword The Armouries newest apprentice, Stephen Turnbull from Fife, has recently completed his first sword project. This was a half scale C14th single handed broadsword. Proportions of blade, hilt, pommel and grip were retained throughout with the same material, crafting and assembly methods as full size sword production used overall. A good job well done!

July 2010 - 2nd pattern black FS knives improved!

Cross and Sword We are pleased to announce improvements to our half black and full black 2nd Pattern FS Knives.
Our brass grips and scabbard chapes are now professionally satin black powder coated, which provides an extremely durable and even quality finish. We have also improved our blade and guard blackening process to provide a smooth, deep and lasting chemical black surface.

June 2010 - Ciao Marco!

Cross and Sword We are sorry to see the departure of Marco from armouries staff as he returns to his native Rome. Marco served as a swordmaker with us and may well be putting his makers mark to use on the continent in future. We wish him all the very best for present and future projects!

June 2010 - 1st Pattern FS British Commando knives now available!

Cross and Sword In 1940, following a meeting with close combat legends William Fairbairn and Eric Sykes, Wilkinson sword went into production of the very first nickel plated fighting knives that were to symbolise close combat and the spirit of the British Commandos and Allied special forces.

70 years on, Macdonald Armouries is delighted to announce our first run of 1st Pattern FS Knives are now in production and available to order now!

We have spent many months in research and development of these legendary knives in order to ensure accuracy and authenticity in reproduction of every element of knife and scabbard. Our pieces convey the same look and feel of wartime originals and it is with such dedication to detail that we offer our knife to honour the original Wilkinson made originals and the Commandos that used them.

May 2010 - New Product for 2010! - Early German rapier

Cross and Sword We have recently created a new line for 2010. The early German rapier is typical of late C16th - early C17th rapiers. Effective with sidesword or rapier techniques, with a very authentic weight and balance. This sword features decorative pierced guard panels and is available in a plain or blued steel finish.

Check out our updated Gallery for images of both models.

May 2010 - Macdonald Armouries Fairbairn Cobra review online

Cobra2 David Decker of New York based White Shadow Security and White Shadow Dojo has recently posted an online review of our Fairbairn Cobra knife. Check out the review here

LATEST UPDATE - White Shadow Cobra review part 2 now online -Working with the Cobra.

April 2010 - Coming soon, 1st Pattern FS Commando knives!

Cross and Sword Our latest project is nearing production. We shall soon be offering our very first high quality reproductions of the legendary 1st Pattern Fairbairn-Sykes Commando knives.

March 2010 - SOE Repro Weapons Range Expanded!

Cross and Sword We have recently created and added a few exciting new items to our SOE and OSS Covert Weapons page.

March 2010 - Macdonald Armouries in the News

Cross and Sword The Armouries and our daily work featured recently in an Edinburgh Evening News article by Victoria Raimes - Life at the Sharp End

March 2010 - Rob Roy MacGregor Sword Complete!

MacGregorhilt1 Our first MacGregor swords have been created! We are delighted with how closely these turned out in comparison with the original, and are happy to launch two versions of this sword - The Collector's Edition and a plainer and more affordable model designed for historical fencing. We shall have an exclusive page for these swords up soon.

February 2010 - Macdonald Armouries launches Facebook group!

facebook_logo We have just launched our new networking group on Facebook. Join us there for working armoury and latest creations images and discussions about swords, weaponry and our work. Search on Facebook for Macdonald Armouries and we'll see you there!

February 2010 - Coming soon - Rob Roy MacGregor broadsword reproduction!

MacGregorbadge Our latest sword of legend is in creation and soon to be unveiled - an exact reproduction of the original sword of the reknowned Highlander Rob Roy MacGregor. We have worked for some time to restore the original sword and are nearing completion of our first collector's edition sword. More to follow!

January 2010 - He-Man and She-Ra swords now online!

He-Man&She-Ra We are delighted to launch our He-Man and She-Ra swords under our For Sale page. Now you can have the Power, with our full scale handcrafted copies of the original animated series swords.

January 2010 - Website Gallery now fully updated

Salamanca Our Gallery is now fully updated, with various images of recent custom and commercial pattern swords, knives and a few specials too. This shall be updated as we create new pieces and we hope you enjoy our work!

January 2010 - Turnaround time down for 2010!

Sparks With new staff and hard graft, we have been working well through all custom orders over the past 12 months. This has allowed us to catch up on advance orders and offer customers for 2010 a reduced turnaround time from order to completion. Anticipated lead time is 2 - 3 months. Several items are also carried in stock at any time and constantly updated here on the site. We shall also be launching several new legendary products this year. We'll be keeping you posted!

January 2010 - Cheerio to Dario!

Dario We are sorry to say cheerio to our Italian apprentice, Dario, who joined us in March 2009. He returns to his native land to pursue his own path and goals, to which we wish him all the very best. We'll miss you mate!

January 2010 - WW2 Special Forces Collection now online!

WW2 We are delighted to launch our WW2 Special Forces Collection under our For Sale page. This highlights several rare and unique edged weapon reproductions that were used throughout WW2 by Allied special forces such as the Commandos, SOE and OSS. We have gone to great efforts in research and reproduction to create the most exacting testaments to wartime close combat as possible.

December 2009 - In Stock Prices Slashed for December Sale!

Kilt Pins Macdonald Armouries is pleased to offer a discount of 10% off all items in stock for the month of December 2009.

Reduced items include kilt pins, sgian dubhs, dirks and various knives and swords all available now and ready to go. Check our In Stock items on the For Sale Page and grab a bargain! Offer ends 31st Dec. 2009

November 2009 - Marco turns full time!

Marco Since joining us in March 2009, Marco has brought his creative Italian artistry and talents to the Armouries and done us proud all the way. We are delighted to take on Marco as a professional swordmaker at Macdonald Armouries. Look out for his maker's mark on forthcoming blades. Welcome on board Marco!

July 2009 - Macdonald Armouries to feature at the Homecoming Gathering 2009!

Gathering 2009 Macdonald Armouries shall be in attendance with a trade stand all weekend, the 25th and 26th July 2009, in Holyrood Park, Edinburgh. We shall have a variety of handcrafted weapons for sale and on display, including a new line of traditional dirks, sgian dubhs and kilt-pins.

Feel free to visit us at Stand 19 in the Arts and Crafts tent, where the team shall be happy to meet and serve you.

March 2009 - Armoury Apprentices in the News

Macdonald Armouries takes on two Italian apprentices to further the Art of swordmaking in Scotland. Marco Danelli and Dario Batzella, both from Rome, make a welcome addition to the armoury and bring with them great passion and dedication for history and craftsmanship.

The Apprentice: Medieval Style
Italian Duo have Work Cut Out
(The Scotsman)
Italian Apprentices on YouTube
Apprentice BBC Apprentices Apprentice YouTube