The Art and the Fight, from Highest Point to Bluntest Edge

This intensive workshop is ideal for new and seasoned historical fencers, European martial artists and anyone attending this year’s Combat Con 2017.

A full day class of professional tuition in traditional backsword/broadsword method and technique is presented by Maestro Paul Macdonald of the Edinburgh-based Macdonald Academy of Arms.

Weapon form and function shall be examined, leading to study of effective martial method and techniques for this unique and enduring sword. The back/broadsword played a crucial part in society and Government throughout Scotland and the British Isles for over three centuries of our most turbulent and bloody history.

This intensive class shall bring this sword back to Life for all participants as we examine various martial context in which the sword was effectively used in single combat (and aye, expect stirring stories of legend!)

Participants shall have the opportunity to study and practice actions and tactics drawn from duelling grounds of legend and learn of actual encounters and techniques that made the backsword one of the most enduring weapons in European history.

The first half of the day shall focus on the principles and techniques of the developed Art of single backsword against its own form in single combat. The second half shall focus on surviving the reality of the street fight or ambush with the backsword, facing both single and multiple opponents.

The aim of this class is to enable a deeper historical understanding of an often misunderstood weapon and create a more effective martial artist. Effective training games and drills for continued individual or group training shall also be covered.

This class shall run from 10am – 4pm (with a 1 hr lunch break) on Monday 14th August 2017.

This special master class will be a separate charge, but only participants registered for Combat Con will be able to attend. You can register for Combat Con at any level (Gaming, Fan or Warrior) to be eligible. Class cost is $100 USD for pre-event registration or $120 USD at the door on Monday 14th August (if space remains).

To register for this workshop, please e-mail directly.